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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Have Yourself A Very Retro Christmas List

Hey Peaches...

As the festive period sets in I've been starting to think about writing this years 'Christmas List'. I've always been a massive fan of list making and have them coming out of my ears most of the time. This annual one though has got trickier as I've gotten older. As a child I never failed to reel off a million and one things that were 'must haves' to have nestled under the tree. Back then it was the good old Argos catalogue that I'd trawl through hour after hour, scribbling down the page number and code for the Polly Pocket Light Up Castle. Fast forward 20 years and here I am scratching my head "WHAT do I WANT???!!!??".
So instead I've decided to relive my youth and make a list of the 'Best Christmas Presents EVER' 

1. Ahhhhh the classic pink head bag! This was THE coolest bag to be seen with in the playground. With plenty of zips and compartments to hide your sweets, lip balms and other essentials.

2. Cabbage Patch Kids - I named mine Jenny and to my Mums horror after 1 hour of being 'Jennys Mummy' I had tattooed my name on her bum cheeks, as all good mothers do, in permanent marker. She came with her very own birth certificate and was a firm favourite in our household.

3. Roll on body glitter - these fruity tubes were found in every girls bag on school disco night and mine was no different. We would smother the shimmery stuff on our eyebrows, cheeks and necks (how attractive) in the hope that we'd be instantly transformed in our favourite Spice Girl (Geri). However, a couple of hours after application it would set into a crispy, scratchy mess. While this may have put the 10 year old boys off, it didn't stop us. 

4. A girlie bike with streamers on the handles and a basket to carry Jenny about in was on my 'List'. However, my Mum and Dad had gone shopping without said list and instead I was presented with the equally girlie (not)  'Raleigh Wildcat'. After my initial shock at its sturdy, black and electric blue bodywork and its computer on the handlebar (to avoid you taking your eyes off the road....) I grew to LOVE my tomboy ride! Speeding up and down on this soon saw me being promoted to 'best girl biker' on my street of boys. I owe a lot to that mix up.

5.  Polly Pocket Light Up Castle - I couldn't make a list of best Xmas pressies without including this baby. As I said earlier, the Argos 'book' was the inspiration behind many items on my list and this toy featured heavily in it the year I became the proud owner of one. Not only could I make up scenarios for Polly and her friends but it had a proper light which meant midnight feasts under the bed covers were no longer such a messy affair. 

This list is endless, but, since I'm no longer at the age where its appropriate to request a Cabbage Patch kid, I'd better get on with thinking of the more boring grown up things to write down (snore).

What were your favourite presents from your childhood?

Em xx


  1. OMG I love this post, I has the Head bag but mine was in mint green, I also loved roll on glitter, i am trying to think of the brand that I had but its completly gone out my mind. This has made me go back to childhood x

  2. Thanks! I've been racking my brains for the brand of glitter it was - its doing my head in! x