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Friday, 27 December 2013

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Hey Peaches...

Since my last foray into at home hair DIY didn't end particularly well, I wasn't sure about this Charles Worthington Salon At Home Shine Booster Kit, but after looking through the 'fool proof' instructions I decided to get down to business.

The kit comes with a shine glaze, shine boosting shampoo and conditioner and some shower caps - this is enough for 4 applications which is great as you can do this as a weekly pamper treatment. 

First things first, put a light coating of the shine glaze on to DRY hair. I almost fell at the first hurdle here because normally I'd put this kind of product onto damp hair - this was where the 'fool proof' instructions really came in handy. Leave the glaze on for 10 minutes and put the shower cap on to help the product penetrate into the hair shaft. The coconut oils are activated by the heat from your head which is why using the shower caps will help to seal that heat in (very scientific!).

Rinse the glaze out under warm water for 1 minute before lathering up with the Shine Boosting Shampoo. Wash this out and make sure your hair isn't dripping wet before smothering on some of the Shine Boosting Conditioner. This stays on for 2 minutes before thoroughly washing it out till the water runs clear. Piece of cake!

This product was so easy too use and my hair had an amazing shine afterwards. It felt so soft and silky and not greasy or sticky at all. I would recommend this if you're hair is looking a bit dull and flat as it really does liven it up a treat! The other kits in this range were 'Straight & Smooth' and 'Strength & Repair' which I'd definitely try out in the future. 

Have you used any good 'at home' kits? 

Em xx


  1. i like your blog, i'm following you on twitter and bloglovin!


    1. Thanks ♥ I'm already stalking ur blog on a regular basis!

      Em x