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Friday, 13 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

Good afternoon Peaches...

The presents are wrapped, the advent calendars have been eaten and the tree is up - sort of. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and felt even more like it when Conny tagged me on her blog. I've seen loads of bloggers doing this post over the last week or so and found it really interesting to see what they all get up to on the big day. So without further a do.....

I'm afraid I am a fake. In a big way. I have 3 artificial trees up at Christmas time. My Mum is a fan of real ones and we had them when I was growing up, but since I moved out and especially this year with having a crawling baby on the move, I have lovely plastic ones that live in a box 11 months of the year and are quite happy with that arrangement.  

This year has been the year that I've fallen head over heels in love with all things hot and frothy. My favourite festive drink at the moment is the Honeycomb and Cream Hot Chocolate from Costa. It is GORGEOUS - a perfect creamy, sweet and chocolatey treat. It will be a sad day when they go off the menu and are archived until next winter.

Every year I try to stick with a colour scheme for my decorations, but every year I get so carried away with all the glitter and sparkle that anything that has the faintest shimmer is thrown on the tree. I love the well co-ordinated and classy numbers that I see in John Lewis, but when it comes down to it, the more colourful and over the top the better!

Both! I love deciding what to buy for all my friends and family and going shopping for all the finishing touches, but who doesn't love unwrapping a little something for yourself on Christmas Day! I get very excited on Christmas Eve when I start squeezing and rattling gift bags looking for clues! It's my little girls first Christmas this year so I can't wait to see her face light up when she gets her presents, although she'll probably spend more time rustling the paper they were wrapped in!

These are the worst part of Christmas. Mince meat in a sweet pastry? It baffles my mind that these dry little cakes are so popular this time of year. The thought of having to eat one sends me into a cold sweat; I'm definitely more of a Yule Log fan. 

For pretty much the whole day I will have some form of food in my mouth. Breakfast is smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels (how posh), then I eat my weight in Quality Streets until 2pm when it's dinnertime! I don't step foot into the kitchen though as my Mum slaves over a hot stove making the perfect feast for us all. Pigs in blankets, turkey, beef, ham, sausage rolls, roast veg, cheese, stuffing, seasoning balls, mmmm I'm practically dribbling at the thought of it!

I envy those of you who manage to have a perfect face of make up and a carefully chosen outfit but, on Christmas Day I spend the first half of the day in cosy pj's and warm slippers before reluctantly getting dressed into joggers and a top (a slightly more acceptable version of pjs) in time for the family to arrive. As soon as the good old relatives step foot out of the house I'm back to the comfort of the trusty jim jams. 

 Favourite Christmas Song and Film?

My favourite Christmas film is without a doubt is Home Alone. This classic takes me back to being a little girl watching this for the first time with my brother; getting tips on how to set booby traps around the house for each others downfall. Although Stay Another Day by East 17 isn't a Christmas song it WAS a Christmas No1 and is timeless favourite of mine! This hit is played on repeat for the entire month of December, much to the annoyance of everyone around me and I won't be stopping anytime soon.

If you are one of those people who have the self control to leave your presents until after dinner, I applaud you! I still haven't grown out of ripping the paper off them all before sunrise. There is no way my excitement and intrigue could be contained until after the Queens Speech! Not. A. Chance. 

I hope you enjoyed my festive post and if you weren't already full of Christmas spirit that you are now brimming with yule tide cheer. 
I tag the lovely Chelsea, Beth and Hannah to do this post now (if they haven't already!)

Em xx

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