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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Welcome To The Dark Side!

Hi Peaches...

This season I have been lusting over dark lipsticks that have featured in every magazine I pick up. Always more of a subtle lip gloss kinda girl I usually shy away from such a statement coloured lip, however, I decided now was the time to bite the bullet and jump head (or lip) first into this make up trend. Usually, if I was going to buy a lipstick I would spend a bit of money on it so that I could make sure it would be a really long lasting yet moisturising product but, since this was an impulse buy that might be relegated to the back of a cupboard after one use I decided to go with a cheaper 'throw away' purchase.

After turning my hand into a rainbow of burgundy and plum coloured swatches, I finally chose the Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry from Superdrug for £7.49. It's a perfect mix of red wine and purple berry and was dramatic enough to pull the look off without looking like an extra for The Vampire Diaries.

Before applying it I made sure I prepped my lips fully by exfoliating them with a soft baby toothbrush. Once any dry skin had been lightly scrubbed away I put on a generous amount of lip balm, which I left to sink in whilst I did the rest of my make up. Then came the scary part - putting it on! The fear of stained teeth and smudges were what had made me steer clear of dark lipsticks in the past so I made sure I read plenty of other beauty blog tips first! Using a fine lip brush I swept it across the bullet and CAREFULLY painted it on my quivering lips! Panic over, the look was completed with smoky eyes and a lace and leather outfit - very gothic chic! 

Cess and Me 

As the drinks began to flow I forgot all about 'lipstick etiquette' until my fifth Jagar Bomb when it dawned on me to have a quick bathroom/beauty break! By some kind of miracle the lipstick had stayed strong AND stayed put, even still I felt the need to top it up, wait - minus the lip brush!! I don't know if it was the alcohol that had given me some dutch courage or what, but somehow I managed to reapply without causing a scene! 

So, all in all my trip over to the dark side had gone without a hitch! I would definitely buy other shades from this range of Revlon lipstick as it was so creamy and pigmented with great staying power. I can now officially say that I am a big fan of darker coloured lips and long may darkness reign. 

What are your thoughts on this look for A/W 13? 

Em xx 


  1. I love that burgundy colour! <3

  2. I love the dark lipsticks, so on trend this season! the darker purple the better for me xx

    1. Very daring! I'm going to get a new one a weekend, I'm hooked. X