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Monday, 27 January 2014

Get It Sorted!

Evening Peaches...

I love make up and beauty products. I love them so much that they have literally taken over my bedroom. This not so secret love affair is the bane of my boyfriend Matt's life. Last week, after dodging the pots and tubs I'd left on the floor, he finally reached the end of his tether and in a fit of rage threw (gasp) my babies onto the worktop. You can imagine the tears and tantrums that followed when I realised that my HD brow kit and eyeshadow palette had been smashed to smithereens.

Enough was enough, I needed to find a better way to store my treasured possessions and after seeing how Beth from Beauty In Beta had organised her make up into cute little boxes I decided the time had come! Off I skipped to Ikea to pick up some containers to sort my make up into when I stumbled across this little beauty! With 7 compartments it was perfect to house all my skin and make up products and only cost £8! In an ideal world where money was no object I'd love to have the beautiful, clear, sectioned drawers that the Kardashians have but I'm living on a tighter budget than Kim so this Ikea 'Skubb' box is great!

Buy here

Once I'd got home the fun really began, how best to organise all my lip, face and eyes goodies?! The great thing about having this sort out meant that I could really see what I had and what I don't need to buy....

This morning the time it took for me to get my slap on was almost halved because I wasn't scurrying around on the floor looking for my mascara or powder. Another bonus with this box of tricks is how handy it is to carry around. If the moment ever occurs when I need to make a quick getaway I can grab Lyla in one hand and this in the other and be off in a flash! 

Hope this might inspire some of you out there to get your make up collection sorted!

Em xx


  1. Ahhhh love this! I need more space in my bedroom before I can get one of these! Also lusting after the Alex draws from Ikea too!


    1. Ikea is so good for storage boxes and furniture. Love a good clear out!

      Em x

  2. I love how you have organised. I just followed you on bloglovin! and would love a follow back.

    1. Thanks Amelia! I'll go have a look at your now.

      Em x