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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Turtle Power - Turtlemeter Bath Toy*

Evening Peaches...

Bathing a baby - a tricky concept! As soon as they get into the water they transform into a slippery eel; splashing and wriggling out of your grasp. It's a two man job to begin with, but as they get bigger and stronger it does get easier! One thing I was worried about was the temperature of the bath water so when I was sent the 'Turtlemeter - The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy'* I couldn't wait to give it a go. 

The strong, brightly coloured, plastic turtle is perfect for children and young babies alike and has a screen on its back which not only shows the temperature of the water, but also changes colour depending on its heat so you can see at a glance if the waters right for your little one. 

Blue - too cold
Green - just right
Red - too hot

For the last 13 months I've been testing the water using the good old elbow trick and was sure the water wasn't too hot. So you can imagine my horror when I popped the turtle into the bath to see it flash BLUE!!! My poor little lamb had practically been tubbing in an ice cold plunge pool!! I was always bothered it was too warm I'd never dreamed that the water would be too cold! Another good feature of the turtle is that the temperature constantly updates itself so you can see when the water is getting too cold for your baby and is time to get them out. 

My daughter loves playing in the bath so this is a great addition to her bedtime routine. The Turtlemeter is only £9.99 from Amazon which I think is a reasonable price for something that you'll use almost everyday for quite a few years. 

I honestly never thought this would be a product that I would need but since using it I'm glad I have it! I've let my friends with babies use this since I got it and it turns out we've all been giving out baltic baths! 

Have you found any other baby essentials you never thought you'd need?

Em xx